(from Generator Sound Art)
Ice Breaker

Icebreaker is a multi-channel sound work featuring an amplified and modified ice crushing machine. Icebreaker is best experienced sitting in total darkness surrounded by 8 speakers. A mix of this experience can be heard on the CD from Staalpaat or you can play the 4 CD box set available on the Generator website.
These are the original four stereo tracks created for ICEBREAKER. The four CDs are packaged in a folder with a photograph of the ICE-O-MATIC ice crushing machine used for the recordings.
Icebreaker was heard in the elevator of Art in General gallery in NYC in 1992 - (Caught in a Box) A mix of Icebreaker was released on Tellus Tools LP, Mini-mall Tellus #27, and on Staalplaat. Icebreaker was presented as an installation at Generator Sound Art Gallery in 1992.
"Close your eyes. The Icebreaker was used as a starting point to record and manipulate sounds which were then feed through 8 speakers placed in a circle facing the center of a dark room. You are in the center. There is a chair and some cushions but you are free to walk around or do as you please. The room is more than dark. It is black. You can't see your hand in front of your face. Wheth- er you want to close your eyes or not is your choice. The sounds originating from the Crush-a-matic begin to engulf you. They come from various points in space and move around you, through you, over you, past you, inside you. You hear many things and they might be very different from what I hear or what the next person hears. You may detect the sounds of ice being crushed or the hum- ming of the engine but you will hear a lot of other things too. And they might remind you of memories or inspire fantasies, or you might get bored. And that's ok too." -gen ken montgomery 1991