Artistic Freedom - From the mouth of babes

Sound, Business, Poetry - My Evolution

How I became a Sound Artist - Sound Art 101

Patio Artist - My life inside/outside of art

The Postcard Practice - An insight in the creation of

Generator History - The Origins of Generator

Generator at Printed Matter - List of Cassettes printed at Printed Matter New York City

Make Life Not Art - - Make Life Campaign

Clipping Interview 96 - An interview with EGNEKEN

The Sound of Progress - CD vs the 8 Track

Words About 8 Tracks - Going deep into 8 Track Mind

Lopez Hamburg Story - Belle Confusion

Jusk Ask - In a nutshell...

TV - Lost in Space

My Heading West - My On the Road in 1976

My Sparks Story - Sparks Special on the Airwaves (Fabio's Show)

Shower Music Art - Showers aren't just for singing in

White Paper Bag - Near death

Routine 2006 - time, time, time

Ladder to Paradise - cut up for Lina